Why Might You Want to Stay in a Motel, Rather Than a Hotel?

8 March 2022
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Sometimes people use the words "motel" and "hotel" interchangeably. However, the two words actually refer to two different types of accommodations. Hotels have interior hallways with doors that open from the rooms into the halls. Motels have doors that open to the outside. Both types of accommodations give you a place to stay when you're traveling. But there are some distinct advantages that come with staying in a motel, rather than in a hotel.

Motels let you pull right up to your door.

Motels are called such because the word is actually short for "motorist's hotel." These places are set up so that you can park your car right in front of the door that leads to the room you're staying in. At the end of a long day, pulling up to your motel room door and being able to go directly inside is nice. You don't have to walk through a hobby and traverse through several hallways before reaching your door.

Motels offer more privacy.

At a motel, you don't tend to see as many other people as you do at a hotel. You won't pass people in the halls. You don't have to share elevators, either. If you're a really private or introverted person, you may appreciate this. The privacy offered by motels may also be favored by those who don't want to come into contact with others for health reasons.

Motels are usually located further from the city center.

In busy city centers, you will usually see hotels. But if you stay in a motel, it will usually be on the outskirts of the city where things are a bit quieter. Motels tend to be convenient to the highway, so you can easily travel where you need to be. However, they don't tend to be right in the hustle and bustle of the city. If you would rather stay outside of the immediate city, booking a motel is a wise choice.

Motels are often cheaper.

Motels don't usually come with quite as many amenities as hotels. You won't often find pools, continental breakfasts, and other more luxurious offerings. As such, staying in a motel tends to be cheaper than staying in a hotel.

Staying in a motel is not for everyone. However, if you'd rather stay somewhere quieter, cheaper, and with more privacy, then this may be a great choice for you. Look for motels such as Inn at Fulton Harbor near your next destination.