Traveling? Why Choose A Hotel With An Attached Restaurant?

17 March 2021
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When you travel, you have many choices for hotels available to you. You can stay in hotel lodgings with gym or pool access, hotels that are located right by other local attractions, and hotels that are attached to restaurants you can enjoy.

While having access to all the amenities you want in a hotel is best, when you're limited on options or can only choose one, stick with a hotel that is attached to a restaurant. Here are reasons why this is the best option for you.

You have access to more than just vending machine snacks

If your stay is more than a day or so, or you don't have a vehicle to drive around in during your stay, going out and getting groceries or noshing on vending machine food the whole stay isn't very realistic. Choosing a hotel with an attached restaurant will allow you to have the perks of dining out whenever you wish with having access to food easily nearby.

Need a glass of milk? The hotel housekeeping service can bring a cup for you from the restaurant. Need room service? You can have it brought to your room whenever you wish, so long the hotel restaurant is open.

You have access to the locals so you can learn where the hot spots are

Most hotels offer a free continental breakfast, even those that have a restaurant attached to them. You'll still get to mingle with other people, but they're most likely to be guests just like you are and not know much of the area you're in. If you lodge in a hotel with an attached restaurant, however, you'll not only get to mingle with other hotel guests, you'll get to meet and greet with the locals who eat there as well.

The restaurant itself might even have a case of flyers or other information about the area to help out guests at the neighboring hotel who want to have things to do. As a bonus, when you book a hotel with an attached restaurant, you may even get a discount at the restaurant itself as part of your stay.

Before you make any hotel arrangements, call the establishment to ask if their attached restaurant is open, if it serves alcohol, and if the food can be delivered via room service for you. This way, you know what to expect as part of your stay. A hotel with an attached restaurant can be very beneficial in many ways.

For more information about staying at a hotel with a restaurant attached, reach out to a local establishment with this amenity, like Totem Inn.