Renting an Apartment in the COVID-19 Pandemic: What to Expect

27 July 2020
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If you are looking into apartment rentals right now during the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be wondering what (if anything) will be different about the rental process. Finding the right home, whether permanent or temporary, for yourself has never been more important as it is right now when so many people are spending the vast majority of their time at home to stay safe. Here are some things you may be able to expect when searching for apartment rentals during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Expect to Get Virtual Tours

One of the main things you can expect from shopping for apartment rentals in the COVID-19 pandemic is an emphasis on minimizing face-to-face contact between employees of the apartment rental company and potential residents. And a way to do that is to offer potential residents virtual tours rather than in-person tours of apartments. 

Virtual tours are essentially video tours narrated by an apartment company leasing agent or manager. They will show you all of the spaces in the apartment on video as well as describe things like the size of the apartment or rooms, the amenities, and so on. This can be a great way for you to narrow down your apartment search at the very least and could even help you to find your dream apartment. 

Expect to Do Self-Guided Tours When In-Person

If you are hoping to tour physically an apartment before you rent it, which was common practice before the pandemic, you may need to be prepared to not be meeting with an apartment manager or leasing agent to do that. Instead, you may be going on a self-guided tour of the apartment. Self-guided tours essentially involve the apartment manager or complex leaving the apartment unlocked or leaving a key under the mat for you so that you can look around the apartment on your own. You would then drop the key off in a drop box at the office or put it back under the mat for the apartment company to pick up later. 

Expect to Sign Lease Papers Online

Another change in the process of searching for apartment rentals is signing the lease or contract for the apartment. Many apartment rental companies have gone to online lease signing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Do not be surprised if the only face-to-face contact you have with the apartment management team is to get your keys on the day you move in. The limiting of contact in the apartment viewing and lease signing processes serve to protect apartment rental company staff and you during the global pandemic. 

Now that you know a bit more about what to expect when looking for and renting an apartment in the current pandemic, you can be prepared for the process and still find the right rental for you.