4 Reasons For Honeymooners To Choose A Gulf-Front Vacation Rental

6 December 2019
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A honeymoon is one of the most exciting vacations a couple will ever take. The whole trip is a celebration of love and is a grand, new beginning that two people are sharing together. It's also a time of epic romance. However, you don't have to fly around the world to experience romantic bliss. Here are undeniable reasons that explain why staying on the Gulf Coast in your own private vacation rental can be the best choice for a honeymoon.

Reason #1: They Provide the Ultimate in Privacy

When a couple really wants to feel like they have privacy, choosing a gulf-front vacation rental can be the best option. Unlike hotels where you may have more limited privacy and will deal with front desk workers seeing your comings and goings, gulf-front vacation rentals are like having your own private home or condo on the beach for your stay. You won't be expected to deal with any interruptions or intrusions. This greater sense of privacy is freeing for many honeymooners. 

Reason #2: They Offer the Comforts of Home

If you want to start married life with many of the comforts you'll have in your own home, a vacation rental is the way to go. These rentals typically have full kitchens, so you can go to the kitchen for an inexpensive snack in your pajamas. At a hotel, you may have to get dressed and call up room service. It's more romantic for many couples to enjoy breakfast in bed without having to see anyone but each other to do so. 

Reason #3: They Provide More Space

You can get a lot more space in a condo or rental home. Having extra space is fun for honeymooners who may want to try out sleeping in different rooms of the rental just for fun. The space also helps with the sense of privacy as you don't have to worry about somebody hearing through the walls when the room next door is part of your rental. The extra space can also mean that you and your new spouse can get a little alone time, then appreciate being together all the more.

Reason #4: They Often Offer Savings

Honeymooners may end up with a large beach vacation rental that has a cheaper nightly rate than a small, single room in a hotel. It can offer savings in other ways, too. For example, you can save money on eating out fewer times during your trip since the kitchen is right in your home. You can also save money on other fees and extras like room service.  

Finally, trust your own instincts and desires when it comes to your honeymoon. If you want a beachside vacation that is sure to feel intimate and private, your own vacation rental on the water can help you and your new spouse feel like the two of you are in your own little world. It's a great start to a wonderful new phase in your lives. Look around for gulf-front vacation rentals before your honeymoon.