Nine Things To Think About When Looking At Venues For Your Corporate Events

19 April 2017
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If you have a corporate event or work-function planned, make sure to take time to check out various venues before booking. Check local hotels in your region for rates on conference space, private rooms, and catering services for ease and convenience. There are some basic things that can make a big difference in how smooth your day goes, as well as impact the attendance of your event, too.

Nine things to think about when looking at venues are:

1.Potential for breakout space. Breakout rooms allow you to break-down larger groups of participants for small-group gatherings and discussions. This provides a way to better manage a large audience when you have interactive or hands-on activities planned.

2.Kitchen facilities. Check potential venues for on-site catering or kitchen facilities that will be available to you- or your caterer- on the day of your event. Just because a venue likely has a kitchen does not necessarily mean that you will have access to it, so check to be sure.

3.Handicap accessibility. Any venue that you consider should have handicap accessibility, including elevators for multi-level venues, ramps for outdoor entry, and bathrooms that are large enough for someone with a walker or wheelchair to use with ease.

4.Parking. Make sure that your participants have a place to park when they arrive. Visit and assess the parking situation before the big-event to avoid any confusion and frustration later.

5.Rest rooms. Depending on the size of your event, there should be ample rest rooms to accommodate your crowd. Inquire ahead-of-time or ask to see these facilities when you visit the site.

6.Proximity. It may increase attendance if your event venue is located near public transportation, such as bus or subway terminals. This will make it easier for your guests to attend, without causing them the expense of hiring a taxi-cab or inconvenience of a long-walk.

7.Location. Try to find a venue near the office but not at the office, as this could present distractions and interruptions that take-away from your event activities. This also ensures that your participants are able to easily find the location.

8.Equipment. If you are planning to use any audio/visual equipment, such as a power-point presentation or use of a projector, make sure that your space is able to accommodate these functions; for example, ask if they have a screen that you can use.

9.WI-FI. It makes sense to ask about WI-FI before you bring your computer and equipment to the venue. This could make- or break- your event. 

Keep these things in mind when shopping-around for your corporate event venue to find a space that best-suits your needs for the day. Ask at local hotels in your area about corporate rates and accommodations that will make your function a success.  Consider venues that are centrally-located, near the office, and that offer amenities that will help your event go off without a hitch! For more information, contact companies like Creole Inn.